Eatery Review: Hoagies serves up a long sandwich turned out badly

Eatery Review: Hoagies serves up a long sandwich turned out badly

Eatery Review: Hoagies serves up a long sandwich turned out badly

Eatery Review: Hoagies serves up a long sandwich turned out badly

KARACHI: In this test of human versus hoagie, the heavyweight sandwich will show signs of improvement of you. Regardless of how dauntless you are, at Hoagies the sandwiches are either excessively salty or wet, making it impossible to swallow with determination alone.

Arranged at Saba Avenue, in DHA, Karachi, with an outlet at Dolmen Mall Clifton, Hoagies is not for individuals on a 1,200 calorie for every day feast arrangement. The restaurant prides itself as a fast-food sandwich joint that dangles the guarantee of a wonderful, oily sandwich, raised with pieces of firm chicken and succulent steak strips – however conveys a messy, squidgy mess hid in two chunks of bread.

Be that as it may, in the event that you need a brisk supper with a ton of carbs, continue to Hoagies. The eatery is wheelchair benevolent and has nonexclusive brilliant cafeteria stylistic theme. All sandwiches are named with a sticker which makes distinguishing your request when eating with an expansive gathering less demanding. When you open the firmly wrapped sandwich notwithstanding, a large portion of the fervor is hosed by a wet bread roll.

Their Hogan Hoagie (Rs550) came straight from a salt mine. In the middle of two cuts of jalapeno cheddar bread were pieces of pan fried chicken with breading tumbling off it, a slight lettuce leaf, crisp tomato rings, jalapenos and olives, all spread with a lot of farm dressing and after that stuck together with lashings of mayo. Indeed, even the Honkie Style Fries (Rs350), embellished with sautéed onions, stood out of a puddle of thick farm dressing and mozzarella, alongside dry steak strips.

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The essential components in all hoagies are comparative, yet a few points of interest place the steak-filled hoagies over the others. Had the bread been ‘scrumptiously toasted’ (as it peruses on the menu), their Hooligan Hoagie (Rs480) could have effortlessly qualified as a foot long meet-and-cheddar stuffed flavor bomb. With regards to pizzas, their medium-sized meager hull Pepperoni Pizza (Rs550) is a superior decision. In spite of the fact that the garnish is meagerly scattered – some cuts not having any pepperoni – the base is light and fresh.

With regards to sandwiches today, diners go for filling local hues in varieties of beige. Despite the fact that Hoagies has all the right fixings to venture up the sandwich diversion, it is a long way from a hoagie safe house. It needs in execution and most sandwiches taste the same. Remembering Subway guidelines, you’ll wind up hurling the folded wrapper aside and closure this sandwich enterprise with a substantial heart and a mouth brimming with disillusionment.

Decision: There are no saint sandwiches at Hoagies, what you will discover however is an overwhelming stuffed bread roll that you can re-reason for a day of dinners. Their pizzas admission marginally better, yet then who might need to go to a sandwich shack for that.

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